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Managing Partner \\ Coach

Shanai Walker

Hi! My name is Shanai and I’m excited to be your next personal trainer! My number one goal is to improve your quality of life with personalized fitness training and nutrition coaching. By mastering these two principles, we are bound to meet your fitness goals, whatever those are because they’re YOURS! 


Here’s a couple of  fun facts about me:

  • I am 33 years old. Bronx born and raised! 

  • This year makes 10 years I’ve been a Respiratory Therapist. Yes, I can train you and save your life 😉

  • I love style and beauty as much as fitness. I’m also a Content Creator (follow me @originalflavour_ ).

  • Proud Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 💕💚

  • Fitness has always been a part of my life. I played 2nd base on the softball team and was cheer captain in high school.



Help me help you reach your fitness goals for this year and beyond! Click below to sign up and schedule our first call!


P.S. Have you tried out my signature semi-private session - A$$, ARMS, & ABS” or “AAA”? Don’t miss out on the gains!

Coach Shanai Walker

Shanai Walker, your dedicated personal trainer at OASIS7 Studios, is on a mission to empower individuals in achieving their fitness aspirations while equipping them with the knowledge and tools to sustain their progress. Her lifelong passion for health and fitness, nurtured through active participation in various sports during her youth, culminated in a career transition to Respiratory Therapy and subsequently, personal training.


As a seasoned trainer, Shanai is fervently dedicated to inspiring women to embrace strength, fitness, and holistic well-being as the ultimate body goals. Through her dynamic and engaging fitness programs, she fosters an environment where every participant can discover their potential and realize transformative results.

Help Me, Help You reach your goals!

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