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2 Ways To Improve Your Deadlift!

Yer! 🤠 Save & Share - then do it and get really strong. Looking to improve your deadlift strength and technique? Here are two scientifically proven methods that can help you achieve your goals: Double Overhand Deficit Deadlifts and Mixed Grip Deadlifts With Your Weaker Hand.

1️⃣ Double Overhand Deficit Deadlifts: This technique involves standing on a raised platform, which increases the range of motion and engages more of your posterior chain muscles. The double overhand grip challenges your grip strength and forearm muscles, making it a comprehensive strength-building exercise.

2️⃣ Mixed Grip Deadlifts With Your Weaker Hand: This technique involves alternating your grip between overhand and underhand. By using your weaker hand in the underhand position, you can balance out strength discrepancies between your two sides, leading to improved overall performance.

These techniques are not just about lifting heavier weights, but also about enhancing your body’s biomechanics and promoting balanced muscle development.

I am currently accepting new clients at Hype Gym Union Square and also offer remote training.

If you’re ready to take your strength training to the next level, visit to schedule your New Client Welcome Call.

Let’s work together to achieve your fitness goals with science-backed training methods.

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