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3 Days Left! 👀

There is still time to support! We need your help. Check out the deets below.



GOAL: $10,000

TIME FRAME: 7 DAYS...3 Days Left!!!


First and foremost on behalf of myself and the entire team - I want to offer the deepest and most sincerest thank you to everyone that supported our previous campaigns! We appreciate you so much and as an independent grassroots business EVERY SINGLE dollar counts and helps. You are appreciated.


We are raising money to make a difference and further our cause. Starting September we will be offering open gym memberships at OASIS7 NYC. Also starting this week every member of the team will be teaching a minimum of one free community class every week. In addition to these changes we are raising and allocating funds to open BAR SEVEN - the only natural independently owned juice bar in our strength studio on floor 2! 😎


To meet new challenges, we have set up this campaign with a goal of $10,000.

With your help, OASIS7 NYC can reach this goal and continue the work we’ve set out to do in this campaign. 😈


Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.

THANK YOU - from me and the entire team.

Dio Fogah

Rel Medina

Frances Rivera

Jaylen Baxter

Shanai Walker


Shomari Ali

Founder & Head Coach

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