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5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Personal Trainer

5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual or “online” personal training is far from a new option of fitness training. It has existed for years but saw a huge increase in demand in 2020 due to the gym and fitness location closures. The inability to workout at a gym required those committed to their fitness and health goals to either get creative with at home exercise or to hire a virtual personal trainer. When gyms opened again, data showed that many preferred and continued with their online training for several reasons.

1. Convenience

This is the most obvious pro of online personal training. You are able to work out with more convenience than if you opted to travel in to your local gym for personal training. Travel is only one of several limitations. These limitations include but are not limited to: out of the way locations, less flexibility with scheduling & hidden monthly cost (to name a few)!

Virtual fitness training provides the option for a client to train anywhere, any time (within reason of course). This allows you to schedule your sessions to perfectly fit in with your lifestyle.

For example, if you were on vacation, you would be able to keep up with your everyday fitness routine without any interruptions! Additionally, the time required to commute to a physical location is no longer needed. Lastly, virtual personal training broadens the pool of personal trainers you have access to, because location is no longer a limiting factor!

2. More for the Money!

Virtual personal training sessions are offered at a fraction of the cost of in-person personal training sessions. So you are able to get more virtual personal training sessions for the same price as in-person personal training sessions. For example, here at OASIS7 STUDIOS we offer in person and virtual personal training options. Personal training sessions in NYC range from $80-$200, but here at OASIS7 STUDIOS you can get the same level of training (or better ;-)) A virtual personal training session with Coach Shomari Ali is approximately $60 for 2 classes with the monthly subscription packages he offers. Click here to see the virtual training options from personal training to group classes offered at OASIS7 STUDIOS, as well as the current specials.

3. More Progress than on Your Own

Personal trainers are highly trained fitness experts. One of their many responsibilities is to

complete all the hard thinking and strategy needed to create a customized fitness plan for you. This plan is key to achieving your fitness and health goals. You are much more likely to commit to your fitness routine, when you have a detailed plan. In addition to helping with consistency, a custom fitness plan will help you achieve your goals at much faster rate than on your own. Virtual personal trainers will also correct your form and technique, coach and encourage you, keep you on track, answer any questions, and more!

4. Consistency and Accountability

Personally, one of my favorite parts of having a personal trainer is accountability. Many, including myself, struggle at times to stay consistent with a fitness plan. A personal trainer will make it easier for you to stay on track by providing a fitness plan for you to follow, eliminating the need to plan out a program yourself. Personal trainers are also extremely helpful for keeping track of your consistency and progress, while also offering encouragement and guidance when it gets tough! Lastly, hiring a personal trainer is an investment! When you pay for sessions or a package with trainer, you are more enticed to show up for the sessions instead of losing your money.

5. Privacy

Another advantage of virtual personal training sessions is the ability to ensure privacy or an

environment that you feel most comfortable in when working out. When you sign up for virtual personal training, you not only have the option of training from almost anywhere, you also can train in a location that you control completely. For those that are self-conscious of their physical ability or appearance and/or have anxiety about working out in public places, this is a great option. Never underestimate a safe, judgement free environment. Everyone is not comfortable exercising in pubic and that’s okay!

Ultimately, it is a personal decision whether virtual or in person personal training sessions are for you. Both are effective at helping you reach your health and fitness goals, but depending on your lifestyle and preferences one might align better with you. I highly recommend trying out a virtual session before you eliminate it as an option. Until I tried a virtual session, I had reservations about the efficacy, and I was completely wrong- a challenging, but rewarding workout that I was able to complete from the comfort of my living room. You can’t beat that!

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