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Client Accountability & Adherence System Updates

Technology & Software | Client Accountability & Adherence System Updates

Now more than ever it is important to develop systems that are simple but effective in creating client accountability and fitness program adherence systems. This has been one of my main focus points for a long time as when a client is in my face they are on their best behavior but we all know it takes more than the 50 minutes that you spend with your trainer in order to create a real lifestyle change. I have invested a ton of time and resources (and of course trial and error) narrowing down what I feel like are the most user-friendly software & technology add-ons to ensure accountability standards are met with your training program as well as your nutrition habits.

All subscribers have access to these powerful yet simple to use systems. This technology is included with all OASIS7+ personal training subscriptions (on-site or remote).

OASIS7+PRO (the app) - Home Base. You can book and buy sessions here. You can also access all our of other systems directly from the OASIS7+ app.

PROCOACH by Precision Nutrition - Nutrition Adherence and Lifestyle Change Coaching

TrueCoach - Your Daily Workouts and Programming Suggestions directly from your trainer

MyFitnessPal** - Track your nutrition and share your results with your coach. No guess work.


Regaining focus.

Let's get focused and excited again. It's a new day which means it's a new opportunity to start fresh. I know I need to hit the restart button and at times I don't take care of myself the way that I need to. Instead of beating myself up - I take a deep breath while accepting this reality & the need to make adjustments. Then I get better - every day even if it's just a bit. Let's get better together.

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