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Do we really need to be “stress free”?

One of the most important principles I have applied to my life’s journey is that:

There are no good or bad experiences in life - there is only your perspective. There is no right or wrong only your viewpoint. The one who possesses the vision to see opportunities for advancement even in the worst of times - she possesses true power.”

I picked up this maxim during one of the darkest periods in my journey and it stuck with me.

This also applies to stress as it pertains to your health and fitness.

Often times a common complaint from inexperienced athletes is that they are being pushed to hard - this is usually when a client is still learning themselves and their limits.

Stress can be good. We need stress. Without stress we have no motivation or catalyst for growth.

The next time you’re training embrace this stress as part of your journey. Conquer it. [within your programs guidelines of course 😬]

Do the work necessary to master your mindset. I am still doing the work myself everyday.

This infographic from Precision Nutrition inspired this thread.

I also included a link to their full piece.

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