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How to Make the Most of Your Group Fitness Classes: 7 Quick Tips

Small group fitness classes (in person and virtual) are in full effect at Oasis7 Studios! While one- on-one personal training sessions are amazing, especially for individualized programing, group fitness classes are a more social, and cost effective, option to achieve your fitness goals. At OASIS7 Studios, we want everyone to get the most out of every session, so here are seven quick tips that will ensure you are getting the absolute most out of every group fitness class: 

1.      Show up 5-10 minutes early to the class. To maximize every second of the session, you must be ready to start on time. Arriving a few minutes early will provide you with the chance to place your belongings in a secure location, change attire if needed, use the rest room, set up your workout space, and overall allow you to start the session with the least amount of stress possible. 

2.      Introducing yourself to the instructor is a simple but overlooked action. Speaking with the class instructor before the session will help build rapport between you and the instructor and might even impact exercise or moves depending on the information you share with them. For example, if you disclose a history of knee issues, the instructor will be able to offer appropriate modifications to exercises impacting your knees. 

3.      Make sure you have the proper attire for the session. Depending on the objective of the class, your attire and equipment can change. To really reap the benefits of the session, make sure you are prepared to do the work. Typically, this includes comfortable athletic wear, sneakers, items to keep your hair out of your face, and of course water. If you are looking to add some new gym swag to your wardrobe, check out the OASIS7 Shop

4.      Be mindful of your space and others when performing exercises. When selecting your space, make sure you give yourself enough space to perform the exercises. Before starting an exercise look around yourself to make sure you are not going to hit another person or objects around you. 

5.      Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is okay to not understand an exercise. It is not okay to perform a move that you are unsure of, as it can lead to injury. If you need more guidance, feel free to ask your instructor.  

6.  Be open to constructive criticism. One of the benefits of small group training is access to form correction by your instructor, like one-on-one personal training. While the trainer is observing a couple of attendees at the same time, they are still able to give detailed corrections. 

7.      Challenge yourself but do not compare! Some people enjoy group fitness classes because they feel motivated by the other group members. If you are completing a challenging set, but see others pushing through to finish, you might be compelled to do the same. While a group environment can be inspiring to some, it can be intimidating to others. It’s important to challenge yourself but refrain from comparing your ability to other group members. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and is at a different point in their fitness journey. What is important is that you are giving it your all! 

These tips may seem obvious, but these small actions will be sure to optimize your group fitness sessions to the fullest potential. If you are considering group fitness classes, click here for the class schedule and to sign up for either an in person or virtual session. Currently, OASIS7 has a monthly, unlimited small group training class subscription for $350 or $30 per class (in person) or $50 for the virtual option! Owner and head coach Shomari is also offering special packages for personal and small group training here.  


If you have a tip not mentioned above, feel free to share below. Thank you and stay fit! 

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