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Join Us & Fight The Predatory Business In Our Communities

Join Us & Fight The Predatory Business In Our Communities

OASIS7 NYC / BAR 7 a semi-private gym nestled in the heart of Washington Heights, is facing a daunting challenge against the predatory owners at Artifact Living Company. Please watch the attached videos for a clear explanation of the extent that Artifact Living Company will go to defraud, intimidate and take advantage of persons they deem powerless.

OASIS7 NYC has been a sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts, a place where individuals come together to pursue their health and wellness goals. However, due to the relentless pursuit of profit at any cost by Artifact Living Company, our cherished gym is now at being abruptly uprooted from its Washington Heights location.

To ensure that OASIS7 NYC can continue to serve as a pillar of strength and well-being for our community, we are launching a fundraiser to help cover the relocation expenses and legal fees necessary to hold the predatory owners accountable for their actions. This is a serious matter that demands our collective support and determination.

By contributing to this fundraiser, you are not only helping OASIS7 NYC find a new home, but you are also standing up against the exploitation and disregard for community spaces that are essential for our physical and mental well-being. Every dollar donated will make a tangible difference and bring us one step closer to justice.

What we need?

  1. Legal Fees - We are currently seeking legal action. As a grassroots small business these types of situations can be crippling. We need your support.

  2. Relocation Expenses - We are comparing comps for a new location in Washington Heights in proximity to our current spot. I have basically exhausted our resources on securing an immediate location and securing a lawyer to help us through the process.

  3. Short Term Goals - Our goal is to have our Washington Heights, South Bronx and Brooklyn locations operating by Q2 2024 and to remain commited to offering free classes in the communities that need them.

  4. BAR7 - The marathon continues. Stay tuned for a detailed update and links to the landing page for BAR7 Updates.

This battle and contention with the landlord / owners has been a huge distraction in addition to creating unnecessary anxiety but I am a fighter. With that said I do know when I need to ask for help - so that is what we are doing. I am making a personal and professional commitment to never allow a situation like this to jeopardize my team or my business. I am excited to lock back in on what I love which is everything pertaining to fitness and helping people become the best versions of themselves.

Energy is never destroyed and I view this challenge as energy for a very powerful reversal.

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Check out these videos for a more detailed understanding of what we have been dealing with. We need your support. Thank you so much. More updates are on the way soon.

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