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Nike Blazer Mid' 77 - Best Sneaker for the Fit & Stylish!

One of the top questions personal trainers get is "what type of sneakers should I use?", and if you're someone that wants a sneaker that is great for strength training and weightlifting, then I have the perfect style for you- The Nike Blazer Mid' 77 (personally, it's on my wishlist)!

The Nike Blazer Mid' 77 is where function and style meet! The sturdy structure provides stability to the ankles and flat bottoms which will help you push more efficiently off the ground when doing exercises like squats! The Nike Blazer has a vintage minimalistic style that can easily be incorporated into your daily, casual looks. This is the sneaker that can take you from a personal training session or small group training at OASIS7 Studios to Brunch or Dinner in style!

In addition to all of the great features mentioned above, the Nike Blazer Mid' 77's comes in a low top version and large variety of color ways in children's, women's and men's- literally something for every one! Below are a few in my favorite color ways and on sale (some)!

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