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OASIS7 LOFT - Indiegogo is LIVE

My Campaign Summary

I started my fitness company Infinite Wellness Online in 2017. Today we are now OASIS7 ( During my early years I was still working odd jobs in order to make ends meet and taking some unconventional routes in order to remain profitable (like sometimes sleeping under the desk in the gym to save on transportation money from NYC to Newark, New Jersey). I mention this to describe my “get it done by any means” attitude. I am not relying on this campaign to launch this project but your assistance is greatly appreciated.

My business and the entire fitness industry were all deeply affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Gyms were closed indefinitely and I was an early adopter to virtual/remote training. This was an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one but the reality was I needed a home-base for my operations if I ever wanted to scale and also pandemic proof my business. As a private trainer one of our highest overhead expenses is gym rental fees - especially in New York City. It can cost $25 to as much as $50 an hour to train clients at some spaces in NYC and this rate is in addition to monthly membership dues.

This makes personal training rates sky high and profit margins slim. This is an issue as one of my main goals and motivations is to one day be able to have the freedom and means to give back to my community. I would have to travel hours from my home in Harlem growing up to access any quality facilities. Growing up I would have to go to Chelsea Piers or deep in the North Bronx to access a quality facility.

After working 10+ years and taking less than 2 weeks off the last 3 years (seriously - this was not healthy) I was able to get a lease on a commercial space for OASIS7. This is special to me because there is a feeling of things coming full circle as not too long ago I lost everything I owned and I had to leave my hometown of Harlem, NYC after a series of bad choices. I made a commitment to reinvent myself from that point - and now I am in possession of a fitness studio back where my journey began - in Harlem.

My goal is to open the OASIS7 LOFT to the public in May 2023.

The OASIS7 LOFT will provide the following services:

  • Personal Training

  • Group Fitness Training

  • Massage and Spa Services

  • Youth Fitness

  • Sports Recovery Services

  • Yoga & Holistic Wellness

  • Seminars & Workshops

  • The OASIS7 Shop (Luxury Fitness Apparel & Holistic Products Locally Sourced)

  • & More

What We Need & What You Get

I am seeking $7,500 in funding from my first indiegogo Campaign. This money would go directly towards equipment and overhead for our space. This is list of some of equipment and materials that I am trying to get for our space:

  • Assault AirBike Classic, Black - $750 (x 2)

  • AmazonCommercial Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case - Black - $145 (x 2)

  • American Floor Mats - Extreme Rubber Gym Tiles - 1 Inch Thick Colorful Rubber Gym Tiles - Superior Shock and Sound Absorbing Tiles - Solid Black 100 Tile Pack (Covers 400 Sq Ft) - $4,500

  • Olympic Bar 7-Foot Solid Chrome Barbell Weights Lifting Power Lifting (2-inch) - $150 (x 2)

  • Dumbbell Set Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Free Weights Dumbbells Set Home Weight Set with Rack $265

  • Gym Functional Trainer Cable Machine, Dual Adjustable Pulley Machine with 200 lb Weight Stacks $2,700

  • Replacement Windows and A Dehumidifier For Our Solarium, Quote Pending

I am only asking for $7,500 and I will be doing what’s necessary to get the rest! Whether that’s doubling my current client load or taking on an overnight gig to raise the necessary funds. That’s only a fraction of the expenses but once we are up and running I have a profitable business model for the OASIS7 LOFT to succeed. I just need your help getting things off the ground smoothly.

Here is a list of the perks & gifts you can get for contributing to my campaign:

$5 | Get 2 OASIS7 Live Class Passes

$25 | 2 Months of Unlimited Virtual Classes

$75 | 2 Personal Training Sessions with Shomari Ali

$100 | Intro Personal Training 3-Pack (Limit 1 Per Customer)

$300 | Intro 3-Pack & Your Choice of OASIS7 Merch

$750 | 12 Pack of Sessions with Shomari Ali

$3,000 | A Personalized Shoutout on our YouTube Channel & 6 Month’s of All In Personal Training

$7,500 | The Whole Shabang:

  • Your name will be on the Jacob's Ladder

  • One year of unlimited personal training

  • A personal training 3-pack you can gift to friends or family

  • OASIS7 Tee or Sports Bra

  • Calm Box 1-Year Subscription

  • Thank You Shoutout on YouTube

  • & More

The Impact

After working years in the fitness industry I recognize there is a lack of boutique fitness facilities in the communities that I grew up in (Harlem & the Bronx). The fitness facilities that are in these areas are equipped well below the industry standards. Your support of this campaign would help bring a top of the line training facility to Harlem, New York City. The impact of this project will include but is not limited to:

  • Providing a safe haven for youth in the community to train, to learn discipline and life skills

  • Providing a wellness oasis in a food and fitness facility desert bringing a brightspot to the community

  • Providing well paying job opportunities to locals in the community with real growth opportunities

Risks & Challenges

Our largest challenge will be raising the initial capital needed to equip our space. I currently have one investor and I have funded everything else on my own. I am still working full time as a personal trainer for OASIS7 and putting basically all of my profits back into the business. My goal is to take on staff quarter 2 of this fiscal year so I can lower my personal client load and take on more of an administrative position at OASIS7. The Art of War teaches that the most successful leaders in war are those who strategize all the way through the end - in order to reflect these values I have made plans A through Z to ensure that the OASIS7 Loft is a success. Whether I receive the funding I need from this campaign or if I have to work an overnight shift to make sure I get the funds that are needed I am committed to make this happen. I have come too far to stop now.

This goal is especially important to me after seeing my mother work so hard to try her very best as a single black woman in Harlem NYC with 2 children while battling an autoimmune disease she did her best to make a way for me and my sister. It is my life's mission to change that trajectory for my family and anyone that comes after me. Not only for my family, but I want to have an impact on any young people going through similar struggles. It has never been about money for me but about the freedom to help my community and the power to put others in the position to help themselves.

Please support the OASIS7 LOFT - Harlem indiegogo campaign. We have perks from $5 to $7,500. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our campaign summary! If you are not able to contribute there are other ways that you can help us reach our goal.

Join our affiliate program for free and help spread the word about OASIS7 services, products & our campaign. You can learn more about our affiliate program and join for free here:

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