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Vitamin D & Age Reversal?

This is one of my favorite YouTube Channels. They not only focus on health but on mental health, entrepreneurship, life hacking and more. One of my frustrations over the years as a trainer has been clients that swear by certain principles with no evidence or even with solid scientific evidence to the contrary. Dr. Joel breaks down the importance of vitamin d and also the importance of meat...yes meat in order to have a "healthy" lifestyle based on how we have evolved.

I would notice over the years a lot of the vegetarian clients I would have would have diets that were tremendously nutrient deficient. It is not impossible to get the nutrient profile necessary for muscle hypertrophy with a vegan diet but it is a difficult task that most people already struggling with basic health goals lack the discipline to maintain.

Subscribe to Impact Theory on YouTube. The main guy and his wife inventing the Quest Bar. They even dive into relationship advice.

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