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What's for dinner? [Free Meal Plan Inside]

What's for dinner?

[Free Meal Plan Inside]

Now that you are taking the steps in the gym it necessary that you take the steps in the kitchen. But where do you start? Forming healthy habits take time and commitment. It is my suggestion to not try to make an 180 degree cold turkey lifestyle change. Take baby steps. Here is a meal plan that can work for a wide array of clients. It is included in this post for free. This is a low carbohydrate / paleo cycle meal plan which includes a grocery list as well as recipes. A modern paleo diet includes fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.

OASIS7 Meal Plan Paleo _ Low Carb 1450
Download PDF • 2.07MB

This is just a sample of the meal plan below - use the link above to download the entire PDF.

Calories In Calories Out! | True or False?

One of the most common phrases in fitness is "Calories In Calories Out". This may help get a majority of clients on the right track but theres a lot more to the story. Other factors are in place besides "Calories In Calories Out" which are important to know as you get deeper into this journal. This was an interesting watch/listen during my cardio. Check out the video below. This is an interested conversation challenging some popular members of the fitness community on their representation of the Law of Thermodynamics as it pertains to calories.

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