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S7 Private Training designed by Coach Shomari Ali

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Presented by Shomari Ali,
Founder & CEO at

Coach Shomari Ali is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach with over 10 years of results in a very competitive fitness industry. His speciality is body recomposition which is more specifically fat loss with the purpose of maintaining lean muscle for aesthetic physique changes. Shomari is currently an adult student working towards the necessary credentials to be recognized as a registered dietitian.

After over a decade of providing consistent results to a diverse population Coach Shomari Ali has his system down to a science. Learn more about the Physique Recomposition Method, client results / testimonials, corporate collaborations and more.



The initial onboarding is one of the most important parts of the training journey. This is where we develop baseline metrics and touchpoints based specifically on your goals. We partner with TrueCoach in order to provide industry leading software delivering high quality training programs, nutrition suggestions, habit coaching and more.


Nutrition and habit coaching cues are also delivered through TrueCoach. MacroNutrient tracking is also available through our partners at StrongrFastr.


Whether working online or on-site at one of our locations strength training will be a main component of your program. This is important in body recomposition where our goal is to lose fat specifically while maintaining and gaining lean muscle.


A huge part of your results happen outside of the gym.

Are you drinking enough water? Did you remember to take the stairs and not the elevator like Coach told you? 


We have to get the heart rate up! Recent research has taught us that the formula is much deeper than "calories in calories out" but that is still a large part of the equation. It is my opinion that our clients choose the cardio modality that best fits their interest / lifestyle as this greatly increases adherence.


Body recomposition is going to require you to move daily in addition to your normal activities. We have tools (i.e. step counters, Nike Run Club) that we will select based on your preferences that will enable use to hold each other accountable at acheiving this daily activity goal.

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