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STUDIO7 NYC has been dedicated to providing top-notch personal training and curated products since 2017.

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Founder & Head Coach

Coach Shomari Osakwe Ali

Shomari Osakwe Ali is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach with a decade of results. Shomari Ali specializes in strength training and fat loss with a focus on body recomposition. 

Shomari is currently finishing his Bachelor of Science, Health and Human Services focusing on continuing his education while still serving his clients. His current certification include but are not limited to:

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • PN Certified Nutrition Coach

  • ACE Functional Movement Specialist

  • ACE Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • USPA Powerlifter

Set up an intro call with Coach Shomari Ali and start your journey today.

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Shomari Osakwe Ali is the founder and head coach at STUDIO7.

Social Life Magazine released a 2-page article on Coach Shomari Ali and his impact on the fitness community  in  New York City.

In addition to personal training - Coach Shomari Ali & STUDIO7 have a proven track record of successful corporate partnerships. We have worked with LIU Brooklyn, Bronx CB6 & Albert Einstein Medical Center to name a few collaborating to launch group fitness initiatives. Learn more about our corporate solutions here.


I hardly never, if ever, write testimonials. However, this is one that is definitely deserving of being written. I started with Oasis-7 (Shomari) on January 6th. This has been an amazing journey. Upon our first session, I knew he had a gift, by the third session not only was I convinced of his gift but I knew I had a trainer for life. I spoke to Shomari about my health conditions and concerns, he immediately created a program surrounding them. One of my health issues has been, that I have bone on bone arthritis in both knees. I was scheduled for surgery about 6 weeks after starting my training, and had plans on using it as part of my recovery. Shomari and I talked about the surgery and he made a suggestion (which I laughed at) that I give training a chance. It was not until I realized that he was fighting for my knees and I needed to trust him, that I canceled the surgery. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He created a workout plan and meal plan that not only allowed me to lose weight but to increase my strength and knee mobility. My body after just 3 months, feels amazing. I can only imagine where I will be in 6 months to a year. It is his patience, kindness, and consistency that makes this whole experience amazing.


Best Trainer Ever!


"I started seeing Shomari for virtual sessions in 2020 - stuck in my apartment during the pandemic, desperately out of shape and unmotivated to turn things around. After an assessment, he programmed a personalized and attentive schedule that evolved as I met goals and challenges. A long-standing knee issue was solved and, with no exaggeration, I got my life back. 50+ lbs later and a knee free of pain, Shomari changed my life - full stop - with his personalized approach and program."


First and foremost I would like to express the gratitude I have for Shomari. He is by far, the best trainer I have ever had. I have issues with certain areas of my body and he knows exactly what to do to get me moving even when I don't want to. He

inspires and motivates me.

He encourages me and has shown me that there is nothing I can not do as long as I work on it.


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