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Click the button below to select your Online Coaching package. After selecting the plan that works best you will be prompted to schedule your initial consultation with your coach. The final onboarding step is downloading the S7 LABS x Coach RX app and completing the attached intake forms. Scroll down on this page if you want to learn more about why you should chose the S7 LAB or simply click here to explore our different pricing plans.

Are you interested in onsite personal training in NYC? We offer onsite personal trainer at approved residential locations and also at any of our network of private training gyms located in NYC. Set up an initial consultation call here. Check out our current NYC locations here.

This is a screen recording of the S7 LAB Personal Training and Online Coaching App powered by Coach RX.

This video displays the S7 LAB and LOOM Messenger integration - here Coach Shomari Ali is breaking down the detail of a client's program. This integration vastly improves coach to client communication and provides true clarity regarding programming execution.

Experience S7 LAB

Here is a screen recording of the actual workflow and capabilities of the new S7 LAB coaching platform powered by COACH RX. This video is a brief summary of the actual use of the S7 LAB app powered by COACH RX.

This video includes: 

  1. What to expect when you sign up for online coaching or personal training with S7 LABS?

  2. How do I download the S7 LABS Coaching App and what platforms is it available on?

  3. This video shows you where to go inside of the app in order to book your initial consultation and also your weekly consultation with your coach.

  4. We show you how to communicate with your coach in app. You have the ability to directly message your trainer and also you have the ability to upload any type of file in app. For example, you can upload a movement from your program that you are not sure if you are performing correctly. Another example may be that your trainer instructs you to upload a movement or maybe even an entire set of a movement through the app for accountability. 

  5. This video also briefly goes over the LOOM Messenger integration. This is an advanced screen recording app that syncs with COACH RX allowing you to simply communicate or troubleshoot any issues, questions or concerns with your certified practitioner.

Online Coaching Packages & Solutions

Here is a breakdown of the various Online Coaching memberships that we offer at S7 LAB. We also offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payment options.

Check out the
video breakdown above and read below.

$99.99 / Online Coaching - Basic

Online Coaching Basic \\ Reach your goals and enhance your training experience with the S7 LAB Online Coaching. - Basic Membership. This membership includes full access to the S7 LAB personal training app powered by COACH RX and you are assigned a designated coach from our team. You can easily reach out to your personal coach anytime through the app or you can message your coach directly through the S7 LAB business line (text message is preferred). 

The Online Coaching Basic membership includes:

  • Each membership includes a weekly check in with your dedicated coach. Your check in is 20 minutes and will be completed using the S7 LAB Zoom Business account. Check ins are mandatory and can be book simply in app under the profile tab in the bottom right corner.

  • The Basic membership includes integrations with LOOM Messenger, Inside Tracker & TrueMed. Learn more about these features and their benefits here.

  • Basic membership includes access to our evergreen exercise index. We update the exercise index every week including exercises, full workouts, lifestyle coaching cues and more.

  • Every client has 3 weekly touch points with their personal coach. These touch points are assigned by your client and are designed to hold you accountable. These touch points may include uploading a video of a set of your workout, uploading a video performing a new movement with little to no weight in order to correct your technique or whatever your coach prescribes.

$249.99 / Online Coaching - Premium

Online Coaching Premium \\ The Online Coaching Premium membership is our second tier of Online Coaching Membership. In addition to all of the features included in the Basic membership Premium includes 2 monthly 1:1 Online Personal Training Sessions with your personal coach. These sessions are up to 55 minutes in length. You can complete these sessions anywhere on the globe that you can access Zoom and an internet connection.

$499.99 / Online Coaching - Premium Plus

Online Coaching Premium Plus \\ The Online Coaching Premium Plus membership is highest tier of Online Coaching Membership. In addition to all of the features included in the Basic membership Premium Plus includes 1 weekly 1:1 Online Personal Training Sessions with your personal coach. You can complete these sessions anywhere on the globe that you can access Zoom and an internet connection.

Extensive Exercise Index

S7 LAB coaching clients have access to our extensive exercise library. You do not have to wait for your coach to respond to get the information that you need. You will have access to over 2,000 videos and voice guided tutorials. Our exercise index includes more than exercise - this evergreen archive also include lifestyle coaching, mental well-being exercises and more.

Upload Video \ Audio Recordings & More

Everyone has their camera out now a days at the gym. Join the club and easily upload a few sets directly through the S7 LAB app to communicate directly with your coach for feedback, form correction or literally anything. We boast a quick response time especially if you reach out directly through the dedicated S7 LAB coaching mobile line. Shoot us a text and we will get right back to you.

Program Library

Access our library of programs ranging from endurance, strength training, fat loss and more. Our library is updated weekly. We have free programs that all members can access and also premium programs with a one-time fee. Click here to try out our Body Recomposition Program [Fat Loss Focus] for free. This is a free 72 hour trial of our new platform and all of the features.

Access To A Knowledgable & Committed Team

You are dealing with real people. S7 LAB is a small grassroots team. Our staff includes a USPA Powerlifter, Master Respiratory Therapist, Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches, ACE Certified Personal Trainers and NASM Certified Physique \ Bodybuilding Coach to name a few of our accomplishments. When you decide to work with S7 LAB you have the entire teams expertise and experience on your side. Every member of the team has designated daily client touch points insuring every client is getting the attention that they need to succeed. All members of the S7 LAB must complete required continuing education credits each quarter.

Save big on company turnover and insurance by implementing a corporate wellness strategy for your team or company. Corporate Wellness Packages can include Custom Themed Workshops, Discounted App Access For Team Members, Custom Programs, Group Fitness Events & more.


Click the button below to schedule a discovery call with our team.

About Us


S7 LAB is a part of OASIS7 NYC LLC. This creative collective includes Rare Records, RARE OBJECTS and S7 LAB. 

Learn more about member of the family by clicking any of the icons below.

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The Studio Number 7

642 W 158th Street

NYC 10032

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

S7 LAB is an appointment only business.


Business Mobile: (917) 590-0095

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