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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 🎈

I did my very best to start momentum weeks ago going into this next chapter. I feel like everyone in my circle had a challenging and transformative 2023 the lessons this year have beeen abundant. It is time to implement those lessons and take steps closer to achieving peace, clarity or whatever represents happiness to you.

The marathon continues.

One of the rules I have for myself is Monday through Friday only watching content that is educational. I broke this rule a few times last year but 2024? Your boy is not playing about his discipline and knowledge seeking.

I have been posting a ton from the Huberman Lab on the blog. I love his content as he goes into the science behind augmenting our mental states in order to achieve goals which is in essence the human experience. Most of us know what we need to do and if not in 2023 we can already simply access the information that we lack. The issue is normally finding the motivation which unknown to many is a result of our diet, nutrition or lack there of.

Here are a few videos that helped inspire and educate me from his channel:

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